From the collection plan to the purchase cart, the Fashion & Apparel industry is largely impacted by the Digital transformation. The key challenges are to rapidly implement new differentiating factors and to improving the operational excellence.

Digital Effect is committed to support the COO, the CMO and the Collection Managers to secure the success of the Digital transformation, on 3 axes :

  • To provide well mastered practical and innovative solutions. We are authorized distributors by the vendors of the proposed solutions and work closely with them to ensure a seamless service. The Dressire solution, its brand and all intellectual property relating to Dressire are the Innowave E Ventures Pvt property Ltd. The Cloud Studio solution is the property of the company Flixstock.
  • To straighten, drive and prepare the transformation projects, along with business and technical teams. Train and coach your teams on the strategic projects.
  • To take your Digital transformation one step further and reinforce its governance, to make it more efficient and adapted to your context.

Responsiveness, Reliability & Flexibility

Our attention is focused on the satisfaction of our customers and our efforts committed to the success of their transformation.

We strengthen our services with clear methods, well defined deliverables and effective leadership.

We love to share the risk and success on projects

Consulting and assistance

Digital Effect, it is committed leadership servicing your digital transformation

Reviving a strategic project

Leading change successfully in the organization

Clarifying the project scope for your Digital Roadmap

Typical missions

  • To recover a PLM or eCommerce project in trouble because of too many customizations, or too focused on expensive technical aspects bringing little value, or too unclear validation scenarios, ...
  • Coaching leaders and ambassadors of Change: organize and energize the deployment of the transformation, by building on the middle management and mobilizing seniors and experts in the field
  • To prepare each project of the roadmap for success, by checking its business case, reinforcing the alignment of the objectives-resources- schedule, by mobilizing sponsors and leaders, ...

Digital Effect supports the business teams on achieving the changes needed for reaching their new goals and on working more effectively with the IT teams and other stakeholders of the digital transformation.

Coaching and preparation of the business managers of the Digital projects: based on a pragmatic vision of the expected benefits, it is imperative to anticipate the changes in the current organization and practices following a LEAN approach and to avoid excessive and costly customizations while ensuring the increase of efficiency after the transformation. Avoiding the pitfalls of complexity from unsuitable or too customized tools.

Typical missions

  • Increase the number of collections per year
  • Improve consistency of product quality
  • Optimize the collaboration of the teams around the collection plan
  • Offer new services to customers in a test & learn approach

Select options that suit your challenges and budget: the Digital roadmap often needs to be updated in the light of market developments, the new priorities of the Company, its digital maturity and acquired experience

Strengthen the Digital governance by supporting the emergence of new functions and teams in the evolution of the roles and responsibilities along with the new objectives

Prioritize the transformation steps in a concrete perspective of rapid and tangible successes establishing a positive momentum in the organization

Typical missions

  • Broaden the Digital roadmap to go beyond the cap of digital marketing and presence in the social media. Integrating artificial intelligence, IOT and mobility to deliver more differentiating services. Initialize a Digital Lab to collect and evaluate the proposals from the teams in the field and transform the best ideas into projects for the Company
  • Support the CxO heading the Digital transformation in its interactions with various departments involved to turn tensions into joint successes while clarifying the responsibilities of new ways of working
  • Diagnose the challenges, assess options and propose a design-to- cost approach. Identify cost reduction opportunities to enable more investments in the Digital transformation

Cloud Studio

The IA based imaging technology of Flixstock proposed by Digital Effect enables you to get your models dressed in a hyperrealist rendering from pictures of your garments on mannequins, to significantly reduce the time and cost of preparation of your e-commerce and paper catalogs. This solution requires no special equipment, supports any camera angle, and applies to model pictures for all categories: man, woman, lingerie, children, footwear, eyewear, bags, scarves, and other accessories.

Digital Effect provides this technology in France as a SaaS service, supports its fast implementation in your
organization and guaranties locally a responsive technical and functional support.



Dressire brings a unique shopping experience for each customer with its application for personal shopping.
Built on an Artificial Intelligence engine, this solution from Innowave e Ventures improves your
conversion rate, the footfall in the shops and the overall customer experience.

Digital Effect is the Innowave partner on the European market for the functional & technical implementation,
the training and support for the business and IT teams.

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Personalized Navigation

Surfaces and ranks the most relevant products for each customer in real-time. If you have a million customers, we create a million stores.

Image 1

Style Advisor

Let your customer know in real-time, how well each product in the store will fit her shape, color and style. For Lingerie, we have built a Bra Fit test as well.

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Outfit Builder

Use our Outfit Builder solution to provide multiple personalized outfit ideas for each customer and for every product in your catalogue.

The Dressire brand and its Trademark and all IP pertaining to Dressire belongs to Innowave E Ventures Pvt. Ltd. 
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Customer Intelligence

Customer profiling based on Behavioural, Demographical characteristics, product-attribute affinities and brand & price sensitivities.

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Marketing lnsights

We help you market to a person, not a segment. Get the right content and marketing message in front of each person.

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Demand Planning lnsights

Predict customers’ future demand for each product – right down to the color, style, fabric and prints by store and region.

” In the new world,
it is not the big fish which eats the small fish,
it’s the fast fish which eats the slow fish.”

Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum